The Horses of Winter: a Short Christmas Novella

By (author)Genevieve Mckay


In “Christmas Wishes and Lost Horses,” Sarah Lawson sets aside her own dreams to find a permanent home for her baby sister Amy. However, when Amy discovers a lost horse that she believes is a unicorn, they embark on an unforgettable adventure that could change their lives forever. Join Sarah as she takes a leap of faith this Christmas season.


Sarah Lawson has given up making Christmas wishes for herself. When her parents died in an accident she had to push all her dreams of a family and horses aside. Her only goal this holiday season is to find a permanent place for her baby sister Amy. Their latest foster home has everything Sarah could hope for; a farm in the country, a nice foster-mom, and the kind of stability that creative, scatter-brained Amy needs. The only problem; it’s temporary.

When imaginative Amy finds a lost horse she’s convinced is a unicorn, Sarah is dragged on an adventure she’ll never forget.

This could be the Christmas that changes everything. But is Sarah ready to take a leap of faith?

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