The Law Giveth: a Jake’s Law Novel

By (author)JE Gurley

In “Arizona Ranger: A Jake Blakely Western”, former sheriff turned vigilante Jake Blakely is on a mission to establish safe havens and protect them from zombies. With the undead pouring over the border and his own personal losses, Jake’s risky plan is his only hope for survival and the future of a plague-stricken nation. Join him on this bold and dangerous journey where justice and danger collide in the Wild West.


Former Pima County Deputy Sheriff Jake Blakely is now an Arizona Ranger, living by his own set of rules, Jake’s Laws, dispensing swift gun-barrel justice to bad guys, as well as protecting the safe havens he’s helping establish from the ever-present zombies. The safe havens are the seeds for the rebirth of a Staggers Plague-stricken nation. So far, it has cost him his girlfriend, Jessica, and his survivalist home in Split Rock Canyon. Now, zombies are pouring over the former U.S.-Mexico border by the thousands, driven north by remnants of the Mexican Army. Jake has a plan. It’s bold and dangerous, and could easily cost him his life. That’s never stopped him before.