The Lost Diary of Snow White Complete Collection: a Seven Book Collection of Children’s Favourites for Summer 2024!

By (author)Boyd Brent


Discover the fascinating world of Snow White in this special seven-book collection for children aged 9-15! From the lost diary of Snow White to her unexpected return and adventures with Alice in Wonderland, this summer edition also includes other favorite tales from the same author. With extracts from The Lost Diary of Snow White in the British curriculum, this collection promises to reveal the truth about Snow White’s extraordinary life.


A seven-book collection for summer 2023!This special edition Ebook contains the complete collection of Snow White’s diaries for children aged 9-15.. Book 1. The Lost Diary of Snow White.Book 2. The Found Diary of Orange Orange.Book 3. The Return of Snow.Book 4. Snow & Alice in Wonderland.. Also included in this summer edition are children’s favourites from the same author, The Fabled Journal of Beauty, The Scratchling Trinity and Jack Tracy and the Priory of Chaos.. Extracts from The Lost Diary of Snow White are included in the English comprehension curriculum for children in Great Britain.. This diary is the property of Snow White. Strictly speaking, I’m not supposed to keep a diary. No fairytale characters are. It’s the unwritten rule of the land. And now I know why: because life here is so unlike anything people in the real world have been led to believe. Once it’s finished, I’ll have to find a hiding place for it. But if you’re holding it now, it means it’s been found, and the truth about my life can finally be revealed.