The Love Between Our Packs : a Lycan Love Saga Book 2

By (author)Melissa Betts

Experience a powerful tale of love, power, and privilege as the Blue Moon Pack, Green Moss Pack, and Gold Heart Pack come together for a world-changing double wedding. But when an unexpected enemy threatens their unity, the packs must band together to protect their loved ones and their future. Join the werewolf twins, Nick and Anna, as they face their greatest challenge yet in this gripping and passionate story set in Surrey, England.


We are strong, but our enemies are an even match.. Another earth-shattering event is about to take place in Surrey, England. Werewolf twins, Nick and Anna, son and daughter of the Alpha and Luna, of the most powerful and wealthy Blue Moon Pack, are preparing to embark on a new journey.. As Nick gets ready to marry Jade and Anna gets ready to marry Patrick, in the first-ever double wedding, the three packs will merge, forever changing the werewolf world.. When an unexpected guest arrives, threatening to destroy all they had built, the packs must band together to take down their new enemy or risk losing the ones they love.. Join the Blue Moon Pack, Green Moss Pack, and Gold Heart Pack as they continue tostrengthen their bond in a tale of love, power, privilege, and passion.