The Magelands Epican Epic Fantasy Series

Discover the epic world of magic, action, and destiny in “The Magelands Epic” box set, containing the complete first four books of the series, spanning over 2000 pages. Join six mages from different lands as they navigate friendships, rivalries, and love, while fighting for control of their world and facing the ultimate test that will determine the fate of the Magelands. With compelling characters, gripping action, and unexpected twists, this series is a must-read for fans of fantasy fiction.


***** “Absolute must read if you enjoy magic and action…”

Six mages from five different lands, each with a destiny that will bind them together as friends, enemies and lovers, must join the battle for control of their world before facing the ultimate test, one that will determine the survival of the Magelands.

This box-set includes the first four books (complete arc) of The Magelands Epic, over 2000 pages!

The Queen’s Executioner
The Severed City
Needs of the Empire

Five peoples. Five powers. One land.

Millennia ago, five continents smashed together to create a new world – The Star Continent.

For countless years the earth shifted and settled and now, at last, the five peoples can meet each other on the fertile plateau that joins their lands together.

Two of these peoples, the Realm of the Holdings and the Rahain Republic, are advanced, rich and powerful, and the world is soon engulfed in war.

The Rahain grow dominant and eye their neighbours with greed, but the Holdings have a secret weapon – the creator of the world is their god and ally, and can speak to their mightiest vision mages.

With a god on their side, how can the Holdings lose…

What readers are saying:

***** “If you like this genre, you simply must buy this series. excellent storyline, teeth gripping action and suspense and a story you don’t want to end.”

***** “Welcome to the Magelands series. It’s a weird and wonderful ride. Be prepared to get hooked from the get go.”

***** “I have read nothing in a long time that leads to an Epic series such as this.”

***** “There is plenty of action, intrigue, deception, unfortunate outcomes and other scenarios that made this a compelling read.”

***** “I just finished The Queens Executioner and immediately bought the rest of the series. To me that is the highest recommendation I can give.”

***** “Just an excellent story! Characters are believable and it makes it easy to fall in love with them (or want to kill them!).”

***** “A must read for fans of Fantasy Fiction”

***** “ I like the use of some ‘new’ races instead of the common elves/dwarves/goblins etc, and the author has put a lot of thought into building the world and its various cultures and societies. Plus there are some high-stakes dramatic moments and unexpected twists that make for an exciting read. Recommended!”

The Magelands Epic series contains strong language.