The Magic of Caucasian Cuisine: the Best Marinades & Barbecue from Gods

By (author)Chef Slav Shikov

In “Caucasian Cuisine: The Magic of the Kitchen of Ancient Colchis,” Chef Slav Shikov invites you on a culinary journey through the land of the “Golden Fleece” and the proud Mountain people. With a thousand-year history, the divine cuisine of the Caucasus, beautifully described as “Ambrosia of the Gods” by Homer, is brought to life through a selection of the brightest and most delicious recipes. Get ready to enjoy some of the most delicious dishes on Earth and explore the diverse and extensive ancient recipes from the Caucasus.


I am Chef Slav Shikov, a native of Bulgaria, I believe that the kitchen is where creativity meets tradition, and every dish I create is a reflection of this belief.In this book I will try to introduce you to the Magic of the Kitchen of ancient Colchis – the land of the “Golden Fleece”, Jason and the Argonauts. Country of proud Mountain people and Beautiful Landscapes. A magical place with a thousand-year history.The cuisine of the Caucasus is not just delicious, the cuisine of the Caucasus is DIVINE. I think. that it was most beautifully described by the Great HOMER “Ambrosia of the Gods”The diversity of extremely ancient recipes from the Caucasus is so extensive that it is impossible to present it in one book.I have tried to select the brightest recipes from Caucasian cuisine.If you like them, I will gladly introduce you to many more of them.Enjoy trying some of the most delicious dishes on Earth.Happy cooking!