The Minimalist Life: How to Live With Less and Get More from Life

By (author)Michelle Stewart

Discover the secrets to a minimalist lifestyle with author Michelle Stewart’s actionable advice on decluttering, personal finance, and time management. The Minimalist Life offers practical tips for families to cut out the unnecessary and focus on what truly matters, all while navigating the busy pace of modern life. Join Stewart on the journey to a simpler, more fulfilling way of living.


Author Michelle Stewart talks about how a minimalist lifestyle has helped her family discover what really matters. In her previous books about living frugally, decluttering and decorating your home, and taking the clutter out of your life, Stewart offers conversational and actionable advice that any family can implement. In The Minimalist Life, she touches on a range of topics, from personal finance to reducing dependence on media. The Minimalist Life is a beginner’s guide to cutting the extraneous, unnecessary things out of your life so you can enjoy the things that really matter to you. From saying no to the PTA volunteer request to setting priorities for better time management, you’ll find tips that fit a realistic lifestyle and an average home. Stewart also talks a lot about getting kids involved in a minimalist lifestyle and how you can integrate such a lifestyle into the busy pace of a modern world.