The Misunderstanding Surrounding Pitbulls: Unmasking Myths, Revealing Truths

By (author)Scott E. Womack

Discover the truth behind Pitbulls and challenge the misconceptions surrounding this misunderstood breed. “The Misunderstanding Surrounding Pitbulls” uncovers the history, genetics, and true nature of these loving and friendly animals, debunking myths about their danger and advocating for their fair treatment in society. Read more to gain a fresh perspective on Pitbulls and combat prejudice with knowledge.


In a world where prejudice and misinformation cloud our judgment, Pitbulls have been unfairly stigmatized in the canine world.

“The Misunderstanding Surrounding Pitbulls” dispels myths about Pitbulls, from their supposed danger to humans to the belief that Pitbull puppies are safer to adopt than adults.

From breed-specific legislation to their origins in cruel sports, this book delves into the history and genetic makeup of Pitbulls, showcasing their true nature as friendly and loving animals.