The Neverborn: a Young Adult Dystopian Novel

By (author)B.B. Brighton

In the year 2048, babies are implanted with chips for identification, but Kekoa, a Neverborn, doesn’t have one. He must leave his home to protect his parents and face dangerous criminals who see him as a scapegoat. With courage and faith, Kekoa fights to create a life and find love in a world at war.


Babies in the year 2048 receive a chip at birth with their social security number and identification–unless you’re a Neverborn like Kekoa. His life was saved by an abortionist without the consent or knowledge of the mother. Kekoa first discovers his plight on a pig hunt in a remote canyon on the island of Kauai. Now he must leave to protect the couple who raised him. But he was trained in survival in the wilderness, not to face thieves and murderers who want to use him as a scapegoat for their crimes. His only choices are to be a fugitive or live and die in the country’s war. It will take a mountain of courage and an ocean of faith to create a life and find love in this world.