The Not-so-spooky Silent Letters

By (author)Yvette Manns


Enter the spooky house where the ghost letters GN, KN, MB, and WR hide, and watch as the curious vowels bravely explore. This phonics tale is the perfect way to teach elementary students about silent letter pairs, making it a valuable addition to any literacy curriculum. Ideal for students who are familiar with consonants and ready to learn about silent letters.


The ghost letters GN, KN, MB and WR live in a spooky house Not too far from town. One night, the vowels’ curiosity leads them to explore the spooky house for themselves. Will the ghost letters be friendly or are the vowels in for more than they expected?. This phonics tale is a great teaching aid for elementary students and literacy lovers, alike!. This is best used with students who’ve learned consonants and are being introduced to silent letter pairs. This can be used before, during, or after your literacy lessons, or as a read-aloud before explaining the concept of silent letters.. Please note that this book only features KN, GN, MB, and WR.