The October That Changed Everything

By (author)Connie Lacy

In the midst of the Cuban Missile Crisis, Cheryl Donovan finds herself in a whirlwind of love, danger, and uncertainty. As she navigates her feelings for an Army pilot, copes with looming nuclear war, and confronts personal and social challenges, Cheryl must muster the strength to survive and thrive in a world on the brink of catastrophe. This gripping historical fiction novel explores the themes of love, family, and courage in the face of impending doom.


Historical fiction set against a backdrop of the Cuban Missile Crisis. In the autumn of 1962, Cheryl Donovan falls in love with an Army pilot. But all is not right with the world. President Kennedy announces that the Soviet Union has deployed nuclear missiles in Cuba, and they’re aimed at the United States. As the world teeters on the brink of nuclear war, Cheryl can’t be sure she’ll even wake up tomorrow.. It seems like the stars are aligned against her as she faces one crisis after another. She discovers the handsome pilot she’s falling for thinks a woman’s place is in the home, which won’t do at all. An overheard conversation puts her in the sights of a dangerous criminal. A good buddy from high school is keeping a secret that confuses her about an important decision. Her best friend Tina has a secret too that makes her question whether she’s been a true friend to Tina. Cheryl is also worried about Tina’s little boy having the chance to grow up.. With the fate of the world hanging in the balance, Cheryl is pulled in different directions as she struggles to remain true to her heart.. A story of love, friendship, family and courage.