The Penguin Who Found a Magic Box: a Picture Book for Kids About Screen Time, Technology and Balance

By (author)Cove Books


Embark on an exciting adventure with Pip the penguin as he uncovers a truly magical discovery in his friend Noah’s new home in Antarctica. The secrets inside the super duper amazing magic box will leave you captivated from beginning to end. Join Pip on this incredible journey and prepare to be amazed!


Hi, I am Pip the penguin and I found something truly MAGICAL today!. It was hidden in my best friend Noah’s new home in Antarctica and It’s the MOST AMAZING thing I have ever seen!Wanna know what it is and what I did with it? Well, I won’t be spilling my secrets here – that would be silly.For that, you’ll have to come on the journey with me and read my book. I promise it’s worth it.So are you ready to join me and discover my SUPER DUPER AMAZING MAGIC BOX?GREAT! Then I’ll see you inside the book.