The Playground: a Cardinal Novel #1

By (author)J Jenkins

Join Conrad Cardinal and his family on a thrilling quest to uncover the truth behind a deadly conspiracy in Chicago’s streets. With global consequences at stake, Conrad must confront his haunted past and band together with his unlikely family to combat a dangerous shadowy entity flooding their neighborhood with lethal narcotics. Follow the Cardinals on a relentless journey for redemption, justice, and the chance to save their city before it’s too late in “The Playground: A Cardinal Novel.”


23 local victims. A broken family. Global consequences.. Conrad Cardinal has an option, keep on punishing himself and stay in prison or take his freedom to help his family figure out why so many people are dying in his home streets. Haunted by the tragic loss of his sister, Conrad steps into the fray, determined not to let his family down again.. Raised as modern-day warriors, the Cardinals—an unlikely band of forsaken children—found purpose and family under the wing of a strict mentor known as Sarge. But now, disoriented and fragmented, they must reforge their bonds to combat a menace that has infiltrated their turf.. Enter Medusa: a shadowy entity flooding Chicago’s streets with lethal narcotics. But why? And for what sinister purpose? Conrad, guided by a cryptic CIA handler, must unravel a conspiracy that strikes too close to home, in a neighborhood affectionately dubbed “The Playground.”Join Conrad and the Cardinals on a relentless quest for truth, justice, and redemption. Will they manage to save their city before it’s too late? Or will their efforts unravel a plot far more dangerous than they anticipated?Embark on a Thrilling Journey Through the Heart of Chicago. Discover “The Playground: A Cardinal Novel”