The Powers of Heaven: a Priesthood Guide for Latter-day Saint Girls and Boys

By (author)Dina Alexander


Unlock the special power of Priesthood with The Powers of Heaven! This informative book offers important insights, engaging activities, and thoughtful conversation starters for every Latter-day Saint family to explore together. Don’t miss out on this essential tool for understanding and accessing Priesthood Power.


As a child of God, did you know you have access to a very special power? It’s true! Every girl, boy, woman, and man on Earth can access Priesthood Power!But what is Priesthood Power? Where did it come from? Why do we need it? How can we connect to this amazing power? These are important questions that should be discussed in every Latter-day Saint home . . . early and often!The Powers of Heaven addresses all these topics and more. It’s packed with helpful information, beautiful illustrations, scriptures, and quotes from church leaders and general authorities—a great tool for family discussions and Family Home Evening!Helpful features for home-centered learning include:•Thoughtful conversation starters •Engaging workbook questions •Simple activities to enjoy•Lots of doctrinal quotes and references for further learning.Check out Dina Alexander’s other books for Latter-day Saint families. This is the Spirit of Revelation will help your kids understand the power of personal revelation and the potential each of us has to talk with and learn from Heavenly Father. Also available, Chloe has a Question, a Very Important Question, teaches kids that their questions, especially gospel questions are essential to seeking truth and gaining a testimony.

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