The Promise

By (author)Maru

“The Journey of a Promised Dream is a gripping tale of Yahir, who faces loss, mistrust, and danger on his path to fulfill a childhood promise. Through perseverance and the gift of belonging and love, he navigates through a world of enchantment and dangerous situations. This captivating story is for mature readers seeking an exhilarating journey of resilience and fulfillment.”


The Journey of a Promised Dream is never easy.. Not even ten years old, Yahir saw the most horrific war the Iogen continent has had in living memory. Losing everything and mistrusted by his uncle, he was shipped to The First Temple of Elion where he learned to deal with grief, people and new knowledge.. Living to fulfill the promise given as a child, he strives to gather enough money until his Temple training finishes by doing various jobs. One day, he takes a risky job that nearly kill him but surviving the event, due to his Temple training, he is given a much needed gift that will change his life.. Shunned by the one he thought he loved, removed from the sheltered life of the Temple, discovering new ways of enchanting and determined to keep his word, he has to face dangerous people and situations. In his struggle to succeed, he finds something he never thought will feel again: belonging, companionship and love, from women who make their own promises.. The book is intended for mature readers only.