The Promise: a Riveting Mystery

By (author)J.S Donovan

Clyde Barker, a down-on-his-luck lawyer, inherits his late uncle’s land in Hartwell, Georgia and uncovers clues about his uncle’s mysterious death. As he delves deeper into the secrets of the town, including his own hidden talents, Clyde’s life is forever changed.


Hartwell, Georgia has a big secret.

Clyde Barker, a down-on-his-luck pro bono lawyer, inherits his late uncle’s land in the small town of Hartwell, Georgia. While exploring the property, he uncovers clues pertaining to his uncle’s demise and the secret investigation he was running out of his home. Driven to learn the truth, Clyde forces himself to uncover dark secrets within the town and himself. Little does Clyde know, he possesses a gift that will change his life forever.