Rob Sinclair

The Red Cobra

James Ryker thought he had started a new life away from the chaos and violence. He couldn't have been more wrong.


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Publisher Description

James Ryker thought he had started a new life away from the chaos and violence. He couldn’t have been more wrong.

Carl Logan dedicated nearly twenty years of his life to the Joint Intelligence Agency. Now living in a secret location, under the new identify of James Ryker, he wants nothing more than to be left alone, the chance to start a new life away from chaos, violence, destruction and deceit.

It’s not long, however, before Ryker’s short-lived idyll is destroyed when he is tracked down by Peter Winter, his ex-boss at the JIA. Winter brings with him news of the murder of a woman in Spain, Kim Walker, whose fingerprints match those of one of Ryker’s former adversaries who’s been missing presumed dead for years – an infamous female assassin known as the Red Cobra.

A cyber attack at the JIA led to the Red Cobra’s profile being compromised, and Winter believes JIA agents may now be at risk too, Ryker included. But Ryker knew the elusive Red Cobra better than anyone, and when he sees the grisly pictures of Kim Walker’s corpse, he has news for Winter – she isn’t the assassin at all …

So just who is the mystery dead woman? And where is the real Red Cobra?

The Red Cobra is a fast-paced thriller filled with twists and turns and intrigue that will appeal to readers of big-hitting thrillers by the likes of Lee Child, Mark Dawson, L.T. Ryan and David Baldacci, and with echoes in its plotting and breadth of the globe-trotting spy thriller, I Am Pilgrim.


Rob Sinclair is the author of the highly-acclaimed and bestselling Enemy series of espionage thrillers featuring Carl Logan. The Red Cobra is the first instalment in the explosive and best-selling James Ryker series. Rob is also the author of the stand-alone thriller, Dark Fragments. 

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What everyone is saying about the international best-selling James Ryker Series:

"Brilliant from start to finish"  – David Baird

"A book worth reading, it will quicken your pulse and leave you breathless at times" – Richard Latham

"Fast pace, plenty of action, compelling storyline" – David Liscio

 "Fast paced and keeps you on the edge of your seat with intriguing characters that just add to the story." – Lynn C.

"If you are into espionage, thrillers and suspense then this is the author for you!" – Paul Howard

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