The Scarlet Thread

By (author)D.S. Murphy


Kaidance sees death, is targeted, and falls for her potentially deadly savior. This “dark fantasy romance” combines Greek mythology and Gothic themes.


My name is Kaidance Monroe, and sometimes when I touch people, I see how they die.My life is a ticking bomb, each heartbeat echoing the curse that shadows me: I see death with a single touch. This ability, far from being a gift, became my cage after it failed to prevent my brother’s death. Cast away by my parents into the cold embrace of a juvenile detention center, I swore off human contact. No more touching, no more visions, no more pain.. But everything changes as my eighteenth birthday approaches. A stranger breaks through the fortress I’ve built around myself, bringing with him danger and a magnetic allure I’m powerless to resist. He doesn’t recoil at my curse; instead, he reveals a chilling truth: I’m not a freak; I’m a target.Suddenly, I’m on the run, plunged headfirst into a realm where ancient myths pulse with life, shadows stalk with intent, and my cursed touch is a weapon sought by unseen enemies. My sanctuary? A hidden mansion, nestled among the whispers of forgotten gods and mythical creatures, becomes my training ground. Here, I hone my abilities, bracing for a war that looms on the horizon. Within these walls, amidst the looming threat and mystical secrets, my heart becomes entangled in the most dangerous game of all.I didn’t mean to make anyone fall for me.Certainly not my would-be killer.And I never imagined how far he would fall.. There’s something strange about Sitri, my rugged savior who disappears into the woods at night and seems to shadow my every move. His presence is a constant puzzle, his intentions as murky as the night. Is he my jailer, or my shield? Our bond is fraught with tension, each moment a dance on the knife-edge of trust and betrayal.. When my friends are in danger, I’m forced to team up with Puriel, the fallen angel who tried to kill me – he’s beautiful and deadly. He wields the sword, but the death it claims is mine to carry. Can we escape this sprawling estate of lost gods and mythological creatures, and whose death will pay for our freedom?. Caught between Puriel’s celestial fire and Sitri’s earthly ferocity, my heart is the battlefield for a war that spans the realms. Each moment with them unravels the threads of destiny, weaving a tapestry of passion that could either save us all or lead to our ultimate undoing. As secrets unfold and alliances shift, I’m forced to confront the truth: in this game of gods and monsters, love is the deadliest weapon, and choosing sides could cost more than just my heart.. “Love, betrayal, mythology, mystery, you name it this has it! Hold onto your horses and Minotaurs people as this ride is definitely going to get bumpy.” ★★★★★. “Percy Jackson meets Mortal Kombat. This book seems quite close to the Percy Jackson series, if it had gore, death and totalitarian dictatorship.” ★★★★★. “Weaves Greek mythology into real life in a way that makes it excruciatingly hard to stop reading. This is not your G-rated fantasy. It’s harsh, twisted and real.” ★★★★★. “A dark Gothic Greek mythology urban Fantasy with a highly original and very well-written plot. There are several unexpected twists and turns here and a real shocker at the end.” ★★★★★. “Whhhyyyyyyyyy????? *falls to knees desperately sobbing* Ugh, killing me here.” ★★★★★. The Scarlet Thread is a dark fantasy romance for fans of Greek mythology and Gothic romance. Fans of Fallen and Percy Jackson will be captivated by this mashup of fallen angels and forgotten gods. This book is for anybody who loves Greek mythology and the gods and goddesses of Olympus, young adult dark fantasy, epic stories full of history and mythology, magical powers and supernatural creatures, and tragic romances and Gothic themes.. This is BOOK ONE in the Fated Destruction series.. Reading Order:1. Scarlet Thread2. Golden Shears3. Emerald Tablet4. Sapphire Betrayal5. TBD (coming soon!)