The Soulbound Scar: a Ya Urban Fantasy Adventure and Dark Covenant Universe Novel

By (author)M.C. Waring


Journey into the world of mythical monsters and ancient powers in The Soulbound Sorceress series. Join hot-tempered high schooler Alice Kamiya as she navigates her second chance at life, magical yo-yos, and the terrifying truth about herself. With shocking cliffhangers and mind-blowing adventures, you won’t be able to put this book down. Click BUY NOW or READ FOR FREE to start reading today!


A delinquent’s death becomes the doorway to her destiny.On her 16th birthday, hot-tempered high schooler Alice Kamiya gets one “present” she never expected…. Her death at the hands of armies of mythological monsters.. She comes face-to-face with an ancient goddess and is given a second chance at life. But when Alice finds herself alive again, things start getting weird around her hometown in northern Japan. Like, “I just ran into an Oni demon and killed it with a magical yo-yo” kind of weird.. And then there are these strange dreams she’s started having since coming back. Dreams where she can shift into a kitsune, and a mysterious yet familiar voice calls to her. . But who cares about dreams when the people you love start turning up dead, one by one?. If she doesn’t find a way to harness her newfound magical powers, the monsters will keep tearing her hometown and loved ones apart. But if she does find a way to harness her newfound magical powers, she comes one step closer to learning the horrible truth about herself.. Will it be worth it to destroy everything she thought she knew about herself in order to save everyone? Only one way to find out…. Click BUY NOW or READ FOR FREE, and join Alice on her adventures today!*Note: The Soulbound Sorceress series consists of fast-paced action-adventures that end on shocking, mind-blowing cliffhangers. This volume is a new edition of The Soulbound Scar. This series was originally published under the name “Demi-Girl: The Last Aeon.”