The Stone Thieves and the Honourable Order of Inventors: Augmented Edition

By (author)Eddy Telviot


Discover the #1 Amazon bestseller, The Stone Thieves: Augmented Edition, featuring captivating concept art and a foreword by acclaimed screenwriter Terri Tatchell. Join fifteen-year-old Sam and his friends as they embark on an epic adventure, training with a secret society of inventors to uncover a book that has shaped history. With action, intrigue, and high stakes, this thrilling journey will blur the boundaries of reality and keep you on the edge of your seat.


The Augmented Edition of The Stone Thieves is a #1 Amazon bestseller.. With a new cover and a wonderful foreword by Academy Award Nominated Screenwriter, Terri Tatchell – this edition is packed full of amazing concept art commissioned by visionary Hollywood Director, Neill Blomkamp!. Escape into a world you never knew existed. There is a book which has shaped the course of history. For thousands of years, a secret society of inventors have guarded it. From the Greeks and Persians to mighty Hannibal and the formidable Caesars of Rome. Viking raiders. Crusaders. Even Genghis Khan and the Conquistadors sought it. Yet none have come close to finding it, until now…. Taking a seemingly innocent summer apprenticeship, fifteen-year-old Sam is drawn into the mysterious world of The Few. He and three new friends are chosen to be trained in forgotten arts by this ancient order of inventors, whose existence is shrouded in dark science, marvellous modifications and incredible creations. It’s the beginning of an epic and relentless adventure that will blur the boundaries of their reality – full of action, gadgets and intrigue.. The stakes are high and The Few must adapt if they are to survive this new threat, for Ms Keller and Harbinger Robotics are poised for victory. They have learned of a scroll which will lead them to the book and, with it, change the world forever…

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