The Summer Tour: a Rockstar Romance

By (author)Mandy Melanson


Griffin Miller, a rock star, is captivated by a mysterious woman in the front row of his concert. Despite facing career complications, he is determined to find her again in The Summer Tour. A love story between a stubborn Cinderella and a lovesick musician unfolds in this captivating novel.


What happens when a stubborn Cinderella meets a lovesick rock star? Find out in The Summer Tour. My name is Griffin Miller. I’m the lead singer of Amaryllis. Yeah, the platinum selling rock band. Tonight all of my career dreams came true.. The notorious Tulsa Theater. Check.Awesome Crowd. Check.Voice on point? Not so much.. I should’ve been focused on checking all those items off of my career bucket list and the screaming fans packed into the arena, giving them the best performance of my life.. But…. I was too distracted by the brunette in the front row.. Luckily, the crowd didn’t seem to care or even notice when I missed my mark on stage tonight. You can bet the label noticed. I’ll hear from them in the morning and I don’t even care.. I’m sick of the label running my life.. All I want to do is find out who the mystery woman is, but I can’t. Not yet, anyway. For now, I’m stuck sitting here signing my name on branded merch looking for a single face, her face, in the crowd.. I have to find her again.. MEET GRIFFIN MILLER AND THE WOMAN WHO BRINGS THIS ROCK STAR TO HIS KNEES!

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