The Tormented Duke: a Steamy Marriage of Convenience Historical Regency Romance Novel

By (author)Tessa Brookman

In “Lost Memories and New Beginnings,” Dorian Fairchild awakens to a life filled with wealth and love, only to find himself adrift in a sea of lost memories. When Hester Haddington is hired to impersonate Dorian’s deceased wife, she finds herself entangled in a faux marriage and hopelessly falling for a man who believes her to be someone else. This standalone story is filled with mystery, passion, and unexpected twists, perfect for fans of historical romance.


“I have always loved you but not with this intensity. Never with this all-consuming fire. Where does this sudden passion come from?”Dorian Fairchild has it all—he is wealthy, handsome, and married to his true love. Yet each morning, he wakes feeling adrift in a sea of lost memories. And the return of his wife only deepens the haunting mystery—why does she feel like a stranger?Hester Haddington is desperate to escape her cruel relatives, except the man who promised to save her, stands her up. Her fortunes take an unexpected turn when she is found and hired by the elderly Duke of Middleton with a peculiar request: impersonate his son’s deceased wife until he recovers from his memory loss trauma…But just as soon as the charade begins, the old Duke dies. And Hester finds herself ensnared in a faux marriage with the new Duke, Dorian.Worse, she begins hopelessly falling for a man who believes her to be someone else…Each book in the Rules of Scandal series is a standalone story of 60,000 words that can be enjoyed out of order and can be read for free with Kindle Unlimited.

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