The Twin Jinn At Happy Jack’s Carnival of Mysteries

By (author)Joan Livingston


Step right up to the magical world of The Twin Jinn at Happy Jack’s Carnival of Mysteries, where Jute and Fina Jinn, a brother and sister with enchanting powers, must navigate the dangers of their past while posing as regular 11-year-old kids. With their ability to fly, vanish, and cast spells, the Jinn twins find themselves caught between the thrill of showing off their abilities in the carnival’s magic act and the looming threat of their former master’s sinister intentions. Join them on a wild ride of mischief, friendship, and peril in this captivating tale.


Forget about genies who are fiery spirits or live in lamps. The Twin Jinn at Happy Jack’s Carnival of Mysteries is a story that will make readers believe they are real. . Jute and Fina Jinn, brother and sister, and their parents are enchanted beings who seek refuge at a traveling carnival after escaping their cruel master. While in hiding, the twins must pretend to be 11-year-old humans, but mischievous and curious, they sometimes get carried away. Who could blame them? The twins have the power to fly, be invisible, and use spells. Thankfully, they have an outlet as carnival kids assisting their parents in a magic act and making friends with their fellow performers, including a shy boy. . Still, amid the fun, there is danger for the Jinn family because their former master, a man with evil intentions, is desperate to get them back, and having a magic act that turns out to be a huge hit could be their undoing. .