The Urvillion Pass

By (author)Spencer Rose


In “The Environmental Engineer,” Nen is a determined sixteen-year-old stuck on a desolate space station, desperate to pass her exam and break free. But with no support from her father and unexpected obstacles in her path, Nen’s dream seems impossible until she finds the strength to persevere. Discover a gripping tale of determination and hope in this captivating short story set in The Biokin Chronicles universe.


Join Nen, a sixteen-year-old with big dreams of escaping her mundane life on Urvillion IV, an old space station too far from any planet worth talking about. Nen’s got just one shot at breaking free: passing the Environmental Engineer exam.. But with her dad failing to support her, Nen’s dream feels impossible. Just when she thought things couldn’t get any worse, a red alert threatens to derail her plans entirely.. Can Nen muster the strength to overcome the odds and achieve her dreams? This is a story of grit, determination, found family and heart that you’ll devour in one sitting.. This short story is set in The Biokin Chronicles universe.