The Viper Lounge: a Live Music Bar Run by an Ex-marine With Strong Ties to the Criminal Underworld Becomes the Perfect Stage for a Series of Darkly Comic, Off-beat Stories

By (author)J MacCallum


Step into The Viper Lounge, where ex-Marine Jimmy Calder’s past connections to the criminal world lead to a series of darkly comedic and unpredictable stories. From deadly conflicts to chaotic first dates, each twist-filled episode explores the lives of vibrant characters in a lively south Essex music bar. Join the wild ride where anything can happen, and usually does.


A live music bar run by a former Marine with strong ties to the criminal underworld, becomes the perfect stage for a series of darkly comic, off-beat stories.. Retired soldier Jimmy Calder plans to relax and concentrate on running The Viper Lounge, but his long standing association with an organised crime boss, and a robust sense of justice means that old habits die hard.. The Viper Lounge is a collection of 16 darkly comic off-beat original screenplay stories, exploring the lives and misadventures of a broad set of colourful characters, connected to a lively music bar in a south Essex riverside town. From crime and vengeance to romance and redemption, each story has a twist and a bite – where anything can happen, and usually does.. Episode 1: ELECTRIC LADYLAND. After a ruthless eastern European drug gang accuses her of being a police informer, the life of a young woman hangs in the balance – plunging Jimmy Calder into a deadly crisis of conscience.. Episode 2: WELCOME TO THE VIPER LOUNGE. (Pilot) ‘Businessmen’ Perry Shaw and Dennis ‘The scrap man’ Ronson, have a territorial dispute with a rival Midlands firm, resulting in a non-traditional method of settling matters. Jim’s first date with new veterinary doctor Amanda, is compromised by a bunch of ill-mannered louts. Ready to open for business, The Viper Lounge management host a launch party.