The Whole Story: a Romance

By (author)Brooke St. James

In “Sticking to My Guns”, follow the story of a woman determined to stay single after being cheated on, even when faced with the charming Max Blair. Will she stay true to her vow or will Max make her reconsider? This captivating tale of love, trust, and staying true to oneself will keep you hooked until the very end.


I wasn’t the only woman in the world who had been cheated on. I certainly wasn’t the only woman who had sworn off men because of it. I was, however, one of the few who was willing to stick to my guns about it.. Men would sometimes see that as a challenge, but before too long they would realize I wasn’t interested. I planned on staying single forever, and nothing, absolutely nothing could possibly change my mind. Even a chance meeting with someone as wonderful and gorgeous as Max Blair didn’t faze me.. I wasn’t attracted to his looks, fame, skill, or ambition. I was perfectly fine getting to know Max as a person without adding all the complications of dating. Sure, I was a little starstruck at times, but I had that under control.. And then again, maybe I was a little attracted to him, too. But who wouldn’t be? The problem was that he seemed to like me. Even still, I would stay single forever.. Forgetting about Max Blair would be a piece of cake.