The Winds Calling

By (author)Simon Shugar


Get ready for a high-flying adventure with Captain Bacchus and his fearless crew as they race against time to escape pursuit and seek allies to aid their quest for freedom in the skies. Join Zephyr and Priscilla on a pulse-pounding journey through unknown terrain as they navigate unexpected twists and turns in search of the kingdom’s newfound deposit of ore. Follow Mitzy’s dangerous quest for freedom as she navigates rebellion and danger at every turn in the city of Crater. This wild ride is filled with adventure, flight, and the fight for freedom!


A High-Flying AdventureCaptain Bacchus, the daring sky-pirate, and the fearless crew of The Glee are in a race against time as they flee from the relentless pursuit of the powerful merchant lords. With the kingdom’s future at stake, they must brave the dangerous skies and seek out allies to aid them in their escape. Join the crew on a thrilling journey filled with adventure and excitement as they navigate their way to freedom and discover what it truly means to be free in the skies.. Grounded and on the RunZephyr, a young thief, and Priscilla, the bastard princess, are separated from their airship and must find their way to the outpost where the kingdom’s newfound deposit of ore is located. Pursued by mercenaries and navigating unknown terrain, this pulse-pounding journey will test their limits and bring them closer together as they face unexpected twists and turns.. In Search of FreedomMitzy sets out on a mission to find her missing brother Joulan and escape the city of Crater. Joining forces with rebels & thieves alike, she finds herself caught up in a rebellion that could shake the foundations of the city. Follow Mitzy as she navigates danger at every turn on her quest for freedom.. Get ready for a wild ride filled with adventure, flight and the fight for freedom.