Then Came Darkness

By (author)D. H. Schleicher

In the scorching summer of 1936, Evelyn Kydd must fight to save her family’s farm from the clutches of a vengeful and greedy stranger, while battling the oppressive heat wave and encroaching darkness. As Joshua Bloomfield seeks to reclaim his supposed inheritance of blood money, Evelyn must find a way to protect her loved ones before they are consumed by the darkness descending upon the hills of Upstate New York.


Summer. 1936. Upstate New York. First, the banks were coming for their farms. Then, a record heat wave scorched the land. And then came Joshua Bloomfield, driven by revenge and greed, seeking to reclaim an inheritance of blood money and the family he believed was rightfully his. Will Evelyn Kydd find a way to save her farm and protect her family from the monster in their midst, or will they all be devoured by the darkness descending upon the hills?