Through Dark Glass: a Post Apocalyptic Kingdom Fiction Emp Futuristic Sci Fi Romance Novel

In this gripping novel by acclaimed authors Marata Eros and Tamara Rose Blodgett, a diverse group of characters must navigate a post-apocalyptic world after an EMP blackout. With a thrilling blend of action, survival, and complex relationships, this dystopian tale will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very end. Don’t miss out on this compelling story of danger, love, and non-stop action.


“THE BOOK of ELI meets HUNGER GAMES, anyone?”. Delve into a true apocalyptic adventure where the characters are as layered as the vivid scenes in this gripping survival-after-it-happened EMP apocalyptic futuristic fiction thriller. Acclaimed New York Times and USA TODAY Duchess of Dark Fiction bestsellers, Marata Eros and Tamara Rose Blodgett, unite to weave a poignant tale of danger, love, loss, and non-stop action.”It was just so well written that I wasn’t ready for the end. I hope the author writes more like this one.” ~ BlueBugAmidst the chaos, three groups find themselves thrust into one parallel reality:A Navy SEAL and his bride on their wedding night.A middle-aged survivalist fiercely protecting what is his.Three brilliant teenagers who make a terrible mistake.In a dystopian future where Brain Impulse Technology is blamed for the sudden blackout, accountability becomes irrelevant as the government exploits the collapse by any means necessary. As the lights stay dim and resources dwindle, water becomes scarce, and food is the next casualty.. Amidst the turmoil, can a group of Navy SEALs protect those responsible for the downfall of civility, even if they’re just kids? Will a man employ a skill set he believed he’d never have to use again to safeguard his family against the new threat circling their lives?. The fate of America hangs in the balance, and a few determined individuals must fight against all odds to ensure that humanity survives whatever remains of this dystopian reality. Grab your copy today!Full-length novel.. Tropes: Post-Apocalyptic Survival, EMP Apocalypse, Dystopian Government, Navy SEAL Protagonist, Family Drama and Protection, Teenage Protagonists, Resource Scarcity, Parallel Storylines Converging, Action-Packed Plot, Themes of Sacrifice and Redemption, Exploration of Human Nature, Underground Resistance Movements, Betrayal and Loyalty, Exploration of Wilderness and Urban Decay, Makeshift Weapons and Survival Skills, Moral Ambiguity and Ethical Dilemmas, Desperate Alliances and Unexpected Friendships, Psychological Strain and Trauma, Technological Regression and Adaptation, Quest for Hope and Meaning in Desperate Times, Discovery of Hidden Truths or Conspiracies