To the High Places

By (author)Melanie Wilber


Amber’s perfect summer takes an unexpected turn when a tragic accident brings it to an abrupt end, causing her to question God’s plan and the future ahead. Follow her journey of faith, strength, and courage as she learns to find peace and joy in unexpected places in To The High Places: Seeking Heart Teen Series, Book Six. This powerful story of trusting in God’s plan is a must-read for teens aged 13 and up.


To The High Places: Seeking Heart Teen Series, Book Six. If Amber had to describe the perfect summer, she could not imagine anything being more perfect than the one she is currently living. All of her hopes, wishes, and dreams seem to be coming true, and she has no regrets about the decisions she has made to bring her to this point in her life. There’s nothing she wants more than to follow Jesus to the high places, and in more ways than one she finds Him taking her higher and higher.. Missing her family and friends back home at times and facing some new challenges, Amber puts her faith into action and draws strength and courage from God and from her friends, and she experiences the peace and joy of being exactly where God has led her. But when an unfortunate accident brings her summer to an abrupt end, she begins to questions God’s plan. How could He let this happen? What other disasters lie ahead in her path? Was it all too good to be true? Or could this be a blessing in disguise, taking her beyond anything she could have ever imagined?. *To The High Places is the sixth book in the Seeking Heart teen series. Books in this series are recommended for ages 13 and up and are meant to be read in sequential order.