Toby’s Wish

Experience the heart-wrenching tale of Toby and Mark, two boys who form an unbreakable bond in the face of terminal illness. As Toby’s time grows short, Mark learns the true meaning of love and life. This poignant story will tug at your heartstrings and leave you feeling inspired.


Toby’s dying, but there’s nothing that can save him now, the cancer has run its course. Although his life has been short he has no regrets, just an ungranted wish; he never got the chance to fall in love. But sometimes wishes do come true. Mark has a lust for life and when he’s assigned to do community service at the hospital Toby calls home, the boys form an unbreakable bond. Could it be love? Despite the heavy circumstances, Mark’s determined to help his newfound friend go out with a bang, but it’s actually Toby who teaches him what it means to live. When Toby’s time comes, will Mark be able to find the courage to say goodbye? Join Daniel Elijah Sanderfer for this heart-wrenching story of young love and last chances. Sometimes we don’t choose whom we fall in love with. Sometimes love chooses for us and when it does we are powerless to its decision. Author’s Note: Royalties from this short will be donated to help fund research to help cure pancreatic cancer.

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