Towers of Acalia: the Reincarnated Core Volume I

By (author)Atlas Kane

Reborn as a cultivator, I must save the world by climbing the Towers of Acalia with the help of powerful runes and beautiful warrior women. This light novel combines Isekai, Gamelit, and Harem genres, offering a thrilling adventure filled with spell crafting, magic, and epic challenges. Get ready for an action-packed journey of ascension and conquest in this captivating fantasy world.


I’ve been reborn as a cultivator with a broken core. Time to Save the World.. Thankfully, the spirit who reincarnated me modified my core with a rune of power. Now, each time I ascend to a higher level, I can add a new rune, enhancing my strength.. But this gift was given with a condition: If I don’t climb and conquer the Towers of Acalia, this new world will fall into ruin. Plenty of obstacles stand in my way.. Raging Spirit Beasts. Tower summoned monsters. Rival cultivators. But by bonding myself to gorgeous women warriors, I can ascend and grow strong enough to take on the seven towers.. Gods help anyone who stands in my way.. This Light Novel includes:Isekai / Portal FantasyCultivation Gamelit / Lite LitRPGSpell CraftingInterior ArtProgression Fantasy Leveling System and SkillsSpells and MagicSlow Burn Harem