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Tranquil Fury

From a UK reviewer: "Narnia, Middle Earth, Hogwarts; Westeros; and now Calicon - the nine books that comprise this monumental piece of literature are not wasted, as there are few moments where the pace lets you breath; full of enlivened battles; humor; tragedy and triumph, often bringing real tears to my cold heart. This is an epic trilogy of trilogies."


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JK Rowling + JRR Tolkien = the Matter Chronicles. It was just a normal school day…until the accident. However, when the four bus-mates wake, stranded on another world, with two of their friends injured, even stranger events begin to happen. Rescued by a lone traveler, who is a magic student, he takes them in search of elfin healers, but on that trip Lauren and Logan, fraternal twins, are adopted by divine benefactors, giving them both knowledge and powers. Eventually, they find themselves in the dwarven mine of the Ironhouse clan, and once there, the mysteries begin to unfold, including the biggest of them all; why would four-foot-tall dwarves forge a six-foot long sword? Here you will find a fresh, fast-paced adventure, with unique characters, odd circumstances, unusual events, including an exceptional and original storyline.

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Pre-editing: style 71% spelling 100%grammar 82%overall 84%
Post-editing: style 71%spelling 100%grammar 92%overall 88%
Final summary: style 91% spelling 100%grammar 92%overall 94%

Pro Writing stats:
Grammar lost 20% for the following reasons: My modifications (as, because, En-dashes, & Em-dashes), and a stylistic choice of employing excess introductory/gerund clauses, which makes for faster reading.
Style lost 20% for the following reasons: My modifications (as, because, En-dashes, & Em-dashes), and a stylistic choice of an abundance of introductory/gerund clauses that makes for faster reading. As a result, these books use 10% to 15% fewer coordinators. Style will all be subjective to both the reader and the writer.
Summary: the pre-edit score of 84% increased to 88%. The remaining is based primarily on style. Is it perfect? No, but statistically speaking and taking into account style, it is 94%+ correct.
Please keep in mind that not all of the recommendations were correct, thus I omitted them.

Dialog: 38.40%
Dialog tagged: 14.70%
Passive index: 3 (target < 25)
Felsch Reading Ease: 84 (Target >60)
Glue index: 45.9% (target <40%)
Easy to read paragraphs: 1441 (95%)
Less Easy paragraphs to read: 59 (4%)
More difficult paragraphs to read : 20 (1%)
438 adverbs (309 outside of dialog) & only 2 are used more than 10 times

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Tranquil Fury
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