Transformed Into the Office Hucow

By (author)Reed James

Catherine Willard, an FDA agent, is shocked to find herself turning into a naughty HuCow, eager to enjoy her partner Jake and share her creamy delights with everyone, including her hunky Black boss. This wild and creamy 7700-word tale of transformation and erotic adventures is not for the faint of heart, but a must-read for those who enjoy hot and steamy office fantasies.


A hot agent has turned into the office HuCow!

Catherine Willard, an agent at the FDA, has been researching the wanton HuCow outbreak across the country with her partner, the devious Jake. Now Catherine’s becoming one of those naughty HuCow’s to her shock.

And glorious delight.

The naughty HuCow-agent is eager to enjoy her partner Jake. The married HuCow has lost all her inhibitions and just wants to share her creamy delights with all. Including the uptight secretary and her hunky Black boss!

You have to read this wild creamy tale to find out what happens!

Transformed into the Office HuCow is a 7700 word HuCow, oral, creampie, anal, DP, menage, solo fun, exhibitionism, voyeurism, interracial, adult nursing, creamy treat, office, hot wife, cuckolding erotica that is not for the faint of heart.

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