Tropical Mango Vibes: the Mango Cookbook You Needed in Life

By (author)Layla Tacy

Escape to a tropical paradise with the delicious and refreshing mango recipes in Tropical Mango Vibes. Indulge in the taste of summer and satisfy your wanderlust with these savory and sweet dishes that will transport you to exotic locales with every bite. Say hello to your very own mango holiday without leaving your kitchen!


Mangos should be everyone’s favorite fruit because they remind us of summer and tropical islands. They’re also super refreshing and great for a bunch of recipes, both savory and sweet! So right now, you may not be able to buy a one-way ticket to paradise, but why not try a simple mango recipe?. With Tropical Mango Vibes, you will find all of the mango recipes you need to make your life a little more relaxing and tropical. Where are you headed today on your mango holiday? Miami? Bora Bora? Cancun? These recipes will take you around the world with a bit of help from our friends… the mangos!