Trouble in Treasure Cove 7-book Cozy Mystery Set

By (author)Meredith Potts

If you’re a fan of cozy mysteries, you’ll love the Trouble in Treasure Cove 7-Book Cozy Mystery Set. Join Sabrina Carlson as she navigates the dangerous twists and turns of her picturesque coastal hometown, uncovering deadly secrets and solving murders along the way. Get your copy now and dive into this thrilling collection of whodunits!


If you love cozy mysteries, this the perfect set for you.This collection features 7 books from the Trouble in Treasure Cove series including:* Pie, Peril, and a Peculiar Murder* Happy Hour Murder* A Deadly Dessert Disaster* Murder and Delicious Halloween Candy* Christmas Gingerbread Cookies with a Side of Murder* Cheesecake Bars with a Side of Murder* Raspberry Chiffon with a Side of MurderBuy your copy of Trouble in Treasure Cove 7-Book Cozy Mystery Set right now!Sabrina Carlson misses the old days.When her scenic coastal hometown was as a peaceful as could be.When she spent her afternoons managing her family’s coffee shop.When the idea of a murder taking place in her neighborhood seemed completely impossible.Unfortunately, those simple days are long gone.As a matter of fact, after the dead body of a local drug dealer is discovered one morning, Sabrina quickly realizes that her hometown of Treasure Cove is more dangerous than she ever realized.In an effort to restore the peace, the coffee shop manager turned amateur sleuth races to find the killer.But will her quest for the truth cost Sabrina her life?