Tuff Enough

By (author)T. S. Joyce


Tuff Enough Fast Burn is a bronc rider and the son of a legendary bull shifter, but he’s a wolf. When a mysterious woman shows up claiming to know him, he’s suspicious, but she may hold the key to his past. Join them on a wild ride in this bonus fifth book of the Battle of the Bulls series, complete with love scenes and shifter secrets.


Tuff Enough Fast Burn is the son of the best bucking bull shifter in history. His career path took a hard right turn though, because he isn’t a bull, like his father. He inherited the wolf of his mother instead. Burning up the ranks as the best bronc rider in the world, Tuff is the circuits bad boy that everyone loves to hate. In the off-season, he melts into invisibility, so when a beautiful woman shows up at his ranch claiming to know him, he can’t help but feel suspicious. Luna turns out to be the biggest surprise of his life…he just has to figure out if that’s a good thing, or a bad thing. Luna Hagan has watched Tuff grow up from afar. Feeling like he is a kindred spirit, the time has come to expose exactly who she is, and see where it could lead. She has a history with his herd that feels very important to her, but getting to know the real Tuff Enough Fast Burn could shatter the way she views her world. It’s a risk seeking out the reclusive werewolf, but one she has to take. If she’s going to connect with her past, Tuff is going to have to be the one who guides her through it. Hold on tight for a wild ride, and don’t miss the bonus fifth book in T. S. Joyce’s bestselling Battle of the Bulls series. Content Warning: Explicit love scenes, naughty language, and piles of sexy shifter secrets. Intended for mature audiences.