Twinkling Danger: Collection Book for Gay Mm Romance Stories

By (author)Alice Cameron

Get ready to dive into a collection of hot and steamy gay MM romance, including a novel and three short stories, totaling over 70k words of reading. From a bad boy romance novel to an interracial football love story and a fantasy romance, these tales guarantee a happily ever after, but also come with mature language and content for 18+ readers.


This Collection Book consists of ONE hot gay mm romance novel (50k words each) and THREE steamy gay mm short stories (10k words each) or total +70k words of reading!. The Good Game: Gay MM and Bad Boy Romance Novel (50k)The Shadows of His Affection: Gay Football and Interracial RomanceHighland Fling: Gay Fantasy Romance. WARNING: The stories ending HEA, contain mature language and content intended for 18+ readers only!