Tyler’s Bones

By (author)Mary Hallberg


After finding her missing brother’s bones, Violet experiences strange occurrences, wondering if Tyler is trying to communicate with her from beyond the grave. Supernatural horror fans will enjoy this novella.


All that’s left of Tyler is his bones. So what’s making those noises?Violet’s brother, Tyler, went missing five years ago and his body has finally been found.His home funeral is tomorrow, and their parents are in the city giving interviews about his untimely death. Violet insisted she would be fine alone with his body.But flickering lights, mysterious phone messages and large objects falling over are making her think twice about that. The raging snowstorm keeps her trapped indoors, and it’s not long before she can’t pretend all the strange occurrences are the result of an overactive imagination.Is Tyler trying to communicate with Violet from beyond the grave? And if so…what could he possibly want to tell her?Supernatural horror fans will enjoy this tense novella that explores facing our fears and saying goodbye to someone we love.