Unholy With Eyes Like Wolves

By (author)Morgan Dante

In “Unholy with Eyes Like Wolves,” Noémie finds herself serving as Lady Erzsébet Báthory’s handmaiden, but as she struggles to adjust, she starts having dreams about a mysterious woman and learns of disappearances and deaths in the castle. This slow-burn, blood-soaked gothic horror romance is a must-read for fans of the genre, featuring sapphic desire, religious subjugation, and the quest for survival. Based on CARMILLA, this novel is a sumptuous and intoxicating tale of forbidden love and debauchery.


“Indulgent, depraved, and sanguine, UNHOLY WITH EYES LIKE WOLVES is a gory fugue that will have readers cheering for its queer women no matter the wrongs they commit in pursuit of survival and salvation.” –Ladz, author of THE FEALTY OF MONSTERS. “Sumptuous and intoxicating as a black rose, UNHOLY WITH EYES LIKE WOLVES unfurls slowly to reveal the intricate layers of its themes, from forbidden sapphic desire to the religious subjugation of women. A must-read for those who yearn to become the monster and seek liberation through transgression.” – Camilla Andrew, author of THE SANGUINE SORCERESS. “A slow-burn that lures you into its decadence, UNHOLY WITH EYES LIKE WOLVES unspools like the ultimate gothic delight—and doesn’t shy away from grisly indulgence and debauchery. Morgan Dante is a master of blood-soaked sex, and fans of horror romance will be loath to miss this one.” – Tyler Battaglia, PRAY FOR HIM***Noémie, a dishonored and widowed noblewoman in early 17th century Hungary, finds herself in an unenviable position: After grievous trauma and loss, her last chance to regain her honor comes when she must serve as Lady Erzsébet Báthory’s handmaiden. Báthory is stoic and imperious, and as Noémie struggles to acclimate and accept her present and future, she begins to have dreams about a mysterious woman. Worse, there are stories of disappearance and deaths in the castle, and Noémie might be next.. A sapphic historical horror romance with vampires and based on CARMILLA. Báthory x FMC x Carmilla. Perfect for fans of A DOWRY OF BLOOD.