Vampire Academy: Crestwood High School

By (author)Emily Clarke


Enter the world of Crestwood High, where love and darkness collide. Benevolent vampires Amelia and Gabriel are drawn to this school, fighting evil forces while navigating a forbidden romance. Will they succeed in their mission or will love consume them? Find out in this thrilling tale of good versus evil.


Love at first bite.
On the surface, Crestwood High School appears to be just like any other school, filled with students navigating the challenges of adolescence. But lurking beneath its halls are dark secrets and supernatural forces that threaten to consume everything in their path. Unbeknownst to the students, a battle between good and evil vampires is about to unfold. Amelia and Gabriel, two benevolent vampires with an insatiable thirst for justice, find themselves drawn to Crestwood High by rumors of a growing darkness. Together they must fight evil if love doesn’t get in the way first.