Vampires Are Forever: a Curvy Girl and Vampire Romance

By (author)Aidy Award

Get ready for an action-packed and spicy romance with a soulless vampire and a plus-size fashion designer in this thrilling tale of supernatural intrigue and unexpected love. Join James Vond as he navigates the dangerous world of vampire espionage while struggling to resist the delicious scent and taste of chocolate cake, and the irresistible pull of his fated mate, Rose. This angsty, grumpy hero and quirky, sunshiny heroine will keep you on the edge of your seat in a world of shadows and secrets.


He likes his drinks dirty… and straight from the vein. But he would never shake them… he’d much rather lick them, bite them, suck them, taste their very essence of life.So why is he craving chocolate cake???Meet Vond, James Vond~I am a soulless vampire, in service to the Vampire Intelligence Agency as their top black ops agent, protecting the immortal royals of Europe in a world of shadows and secrets. My life revolves around strategy, competition, and keeping our society safe.Why in hellfire have I been assigned to escort this delicious plus-size fashion designer to meet one of the Immortal Princesses? For a damn dress? I should be out stalking and destroying the hunters who seek to destroy anyone and anything immortal.When I meet Rose, everything changes. She smells like rich chocolate cake, and I bet she tastes even better. Not that I’ll ever find out. F*ck fated mates. I’d never ask her to share her soul with me. That would make me vulnerable and put her in danger.But denying us both what we want doesn’t keep her safe.And I’ll eat the faces off the ones who think they can touch her.If you enjoy an angsty, grumpy hero and a quirky, sunshiny heroine, with lot of action and spice, Join James and Rose in this thrilling tale of supernatural intrigue and unexpected romance between a protective vampire and his cute and curvy fated mate.