Velvet: Innocence Lost: A Cyberpunk Action Series

In a future ruled by an enigmatic tyrant, Velvet, a superhuman Deviant, faces love, loyalty, and danger in a cyberpunk world.


Step into the Shadows with Velvet: Innocence LostStep into the electrifying universe of Velvet: Innocence Lost, a novel where cyberpunk suspense meets superhero drama. In a future Europe under the dark reign of the Order and its enigmatic ruler, Tyrannus, emerges Velvet, a Deviant with staggering superhuman abilities. Her unyielding loyalty to the Order leads her to the vibrant streets of Hong Kong, where her mission intertwines with the notorious Dassard Clan. Yet, amidst the shadows of duty, Velvet encounters an unexpected challenge: a profound emotion that threatens to unravel her disciplined world—love.In this complex web of alliances and secrets, Velvet crosses paths with Arkady, a clandestine operative embroiled in a perilous mission. Their unforeseen bond not only tests Velvet’s convictions but also plunges them both into a dangerous game of deceit and betrayal. Velvet: Innocence Lost weaves a captivating tale of power, emotion, and the blurred lines of right and wrong. Embark on this thrilling journey, and discover a story that promises to enthrall and captivate, marking the beginning of an unforgettable series.