War of Destiny

By (author)M.K. Adams


In this action-packed fantasy novel, a group of friends and lovers must risk everything to save their kingdom from a relentless enemy. As the war for the Rive reaches its climax, they face betrayal, danger, and the ultimate challenge of bringing peace to their world. With the stakes higher than ever, they make their final moves in a thrilling battle for victory.


A woman fighting for her friends. Lovers fighting for one another. Together, they fight for those who cannot and for the conclusion of the war for the Rive. . The Spring have played their hand and find themselves trapped and under siege in Astreya. With options running out, and King Heobald gathering his soldiers, it is the offer from an unlikely ally that presents the opportunity for salvation. Turiel, Jocelyn, and Lyvanne must risk a journey into the south and leave their friends behind to face peril alone if they have any chance of saving them.. Gromwell failed. Under his watch, the king was driven from the capital by insurgents. Nevertheless, duty drives him onward and he travels south to find his ruler and make amends. What he finds is the promise of more bloodshed. Humiliated and eager for revenge, King Heobald has set his sights on reclaiming his home and stamping his authority across the world.. The pieces on the board make their final moves as the eyes of the world turn toward Astreya. The war must end.