Wasp Canyon

By (author)Danielle McCrory

Jessica Cleary’s peaceful runs on Arizona hiking trails are shattered when she discovers a gruesome scene in Wasp Canyon, and soon finds herself being hunted by a vicious and cunning predator. As the town falls victim to the mysterious predator, Jessica decides to stop running and fight back in this gripping thriller.


WHEN THE DARKNESS COMES, THE TEETH AND THE CLAWS COME WITH IT. . Jessica Cleary took up running the Arizona hiking trails as a way to cope with the recent loss of her father. While out on a run in Wasp Canyon, Jessica stumbles upon a gruesome scene and finds herself injured and running for her life.. There is something lurking inside Wasp Canyon—something vicious, cunning, and with an insatiable appetite. When people in town start falling victim to a mysterious predator and the police are unable to offer any explanation, Jessica decides it’s time to stop running—it’s time to stop running and fight.