What This Girl Wants

By (author)Melanie Wilber


Amber is eagerly anticipating a summer working at Camp Laughing Water, but as she seeks God’s guidance and navigates difficult choices, she realizes that what she truly desires may not be what she initially thought. As her relationship with God deepens, so does her friendship with Seth, and despite facing tough times, her inner desires are strengthened. Discover Amber’s journey in What This Girl Wants, the fifth book in the Seeking Heart Teen Series. Ideal for readers ages 13 and up.


What This Girl Wants: Seeking Heart Teen Series, Book Five. With only two months of her junior year remaining, Amber is looking forward to the summer that lies ahead. Assuming she gets accepted to be on staff at Camp Laughing Water, she can imagine it being one of the most thrilling and meaningful summers of her life. But she discovers a lot can happen in a few short weeks, and much of that depends on what she really wants. In the midst of being led by God and looking to Him for direction, she discovers that sometimes difficult choices need to be made. And only she can make them.. As her relationship with God continues to grow, so does her friendship with Seth. Allowing him to become more and more a part of her heart, Amber looks at the future with joy, peace, and a smile on her face. And although some bad news and difficult days await her, she finds the fiery trials only strengthening the desires that lie at the deepest part of her heart.. *What This Girl Wants is the fifth book in the Seeking Heart Teen Series, recommended for ages 13 and up. Books in this series are meant to be read in sequential order.