Whatever It Takes

By (author)S Jones

When her perfect life crumbles and her deceitful husband becomes a wanted fugitive, a woman must confront her past with her ex-fiancé, who also happens to be the cop out to capture him. Despite her resistance, one touch reignites their past love, but she’s determined to keep him at arm’s length. With fate bringing them back together, she’s intent on making sure her heart doesn’t fall for him again.


It’s been seven years since Quinn Walker ended our engagement and left me with a broken heart. I’ve moved on, married his enemy, and started my own family. Everything was perfect…until it wasn’t. My new life was a lie, and my husband turned out to be a fraud. The man that I married was now a wanted fugitive, and my ex-fiancé was the cop who was intent on making him pay. He’s convinced that a simple apology and a dimpled smile is enough to fix that broken heart that he tore apart years ago. I’ll do whatever it takes to keep him at a distance. Yet, all it takes is one kiss, one touch for me to remember how great our love was before he threw it away. Little does he know that I’m not the young, foolish girl who he left behind. If he thinks he can waltz back into my life like the past never happened, he has another thing coming. I can accept that fate sent him back to me. Now, I need to assure my foolish heart that this means nothing