When the Blind Eye Sees

“In the bustling village of Capernaum, Shena lives a simple but challenging life, blind since birth and facing ridicule and a lonely future. But when a stranger named Jesus arrives, her life is forever altered as she confronts long-held beliefs and finds the courage to embrace a new and unexpected future.”


At the beginning of the first century, within the bustling village of Capernaum, Shena’s life is simple and ordinary. The duties of the house and her assistance to her family take up much of her time. However, blind since the day she was born, she suffers greatly, knowing how many experiences she has missed and enduring the derision and ignorant speculations of her people who presume that her sins have caused her blindness. At sixteen, having past the conventional age for marriage, she witnesses dear friends begin to marry, while she must stay in the house of her parents as her blindness deems her an undesired match for the men of the village. Longing for a home and family of her own, she faces a lonely and uncertain future. A stranger named Jesus appears in the village, confronting long held traditions, stirring up incredulous excitement with his radical acts, and spreading a message of hope. As the months pass, Shena finds her life more and more altered by this man, until she doesn’t recognize who she is becoming. His words challenge the vision she holds for her life and all of her expectations and beliefs. She must discover within herself the courage to embrace these significant changes and an unexpected future.