White Rose: Medieval Romance

By (author)Augusta Gosling

In “White Rose,” Alys of Lochlainn finds herself in the midst of political turmoil and a forced betrothal to the Earl of Hampton’s choice for King of England. As romance and war collide, Alys becomes the earl’s mistress and fights to protect him as her beloved, in this emotionally charged medieval historical series that will leave you breathless for more. You won’t be able to put down Augusta Gosling’s captivating tale of love, power, and destiny.


When she arrives in the middle of a political uproar, she’ll change the course of history for an entire kingdom…Alys of Lochlainn longs to be free to marry whomever she wants. Unwillingly caught up in the fearsome Earl of Hampton’s plans, she’s furious after he betroths her to the man he plots to install as the King of England. But as the men prepare for battle and the wedding preparations move forward, the fiery Irish heiress’s world upends when the scheming earl steals an impulsive kiss.Quickly falling for the formidable lord, Alys recklessly becomes his mistress, annulling the upcoming nuptials. But when her status rises as the powerful man’s beloved, she will do everything she can to protect him now that he holds her heart…Will Alys survive the dangerous climb to the top of a monarchy?White Rose is the emotionally charged first book in the Lochlainn medieval historical series. If you like strong women, pulse-pounding royal intrigue, and love found amidst turmoil, then you’ll adore Augusta Gosling’s feisty tale of romance and war.Buy White Rose to court an inevitable destiny today!Previously published under the name the Duke’s Lover with the pen name of Dana Arpquest