Wicked Charmer: a Steamy Small Town Romance

By (author)Ines Johnson

Armie Charmayne, a decorated war hero with a traumatic brain injury, struggles to remember a magical night with a young cleaning lady, Xian Lee, who has sparked new life into his world. As his wealthy family calls him back to his privileged life, Armie must choose between his past and the woman who has captured his heart in this steamy small town romance.


They shared a night to remember, but will the TBI he sustained on active duty cause him to forget her?. Armie Charmayne had it all: wealth, looks, women, and a decorated military career. Until an IED fractured his world. He remembers his past, but his brain injury causes him to struggle making new memories. When the leader of his old unit invites him to Grimm Valley to recover, Armie says yes without hesitation.. When he arrives at Grimm House, his careful routine is shaken up when the young cleaning lady that everyone overlooks steps out of the shadows to light up his life.. After a magical night together, Armie struggles to remember his dream girl. He might have forgotten Xian Lee’s name, but he can’t forget the sound of her voice. The feel of her skin. The taste of her lips.. When his wealthy family calls, demanding he return to take his place amongst the social elite, Armie will have to decide between the privileged life of Prince Charming or finding the woman who burned her way into his heart leaving nothing but cinders.. Once upon a time has never been so hot in this steamy small town where heroes fall hard for modern day damsels who know how to handle their swords.